Terms of use

The end-user agreement comprises the rules and regulations that ease the co-operation between the TSL Energy and the user upon compliance. It provides client regulations to the Company’s online platform and a list of the Company’s products. The Company staff has the responsibility to add, delete or modify existing data in this document. However, the TSL Energy faces no obligation of notifying clients of any change to the user agreement. All guidelines in the contract are applicable both at the authorized platform and every resource belonging to the Company. More information about the TSL Energy can be offered by the staff through the Company’s platforms and other third party websites with the Company data. These third party websites include twitter.com, instagram.com, vk.com, facebook.com, bitcointalk.org. Nevertheless, it is important to note that the Company staff have no control over the third party resources and thus the client agreement is not applicable on their part. By creating an account on the TSL Energy platform, the user automatically accepts the terms provided in this document. Those that disagree with these regulations should cease any communication with TSL Energy.

Company informs all stake holders that changes can be made to the end-user agreement without prior notice. The customers should thus review the document frequently to find the changes.


All the firm’s resources such as articles, logo designs and symbols, buttons, audio and video files, software products, website design and images found on the platform are solely owned by TSL Energy. Additionally, they are governed by the global patent laws.

Using platform materials

The services offered by the TSL Energy platform and the resources found therein can only be utilized in accordance with the guidelines of this end-user agreement and the privacy policy. Copying and distributing such information is illegal unless as guided by the end-user agreement.

Return policy

Requests for refunds by customers are taken into account only when they are placed in the recommended period and adhere to the regulations found in the end-user agreement. If the user's reasons are not warranted, the management refuses to contemplate such a request.

If a conflict resolution between the user and Company is not possible without the presence of third party, the matter is taken to court. In the event that a legal body decides on the invalidity of a provision of this document, all other provisions in the document shall stay binding.

Fraud protection

All payments on the platform of TSL Energy are managed by the staff with a strict adherence to the current regulations of financial transactions. This is necessary so as to avoid unlawful and fraudulent activities. If fraudulent or unlawful actions are suspected in a financial transaction, the Company holds the right to immediately stop the transaction. These regulations are important in maintaining the security of employees of TSL Energy and the entire public.

TSL Energy is not liable of a client’s funds if the client gives access of their personal account to a third party. Company staff advise clients not to share login details with anyone for the purpose of maintaining the security of the client’s account.

General Provisions

By registering on the TSL Energy website, the client automatically confirms that they are above the age of eighteen years at the time. They also accept that using the platform is legal in the state in which they reside. The resources made available on the Company platform can only be used for informational, learning and individual purposes.

The user of the platform bears the individual responsibility of tax payment after conducting business on the platform. These payments are remitted in accordance with the tax regulations of the state in which the user resides.

A financial operation is completed and irrevocable only when it adheres to the guidelines given in this document.

An individual can only register for a single account on Company platform. This minimizes incidences of fraud.

If a user fails to follow the guidelines in this contract, the Company has the right to stop any services of the user. The managers of TSL Energy prevent such violations by: controlling the services of the user account, hold-up of charges, termination of a user account without the right of future reinstatement among others.

The clients are informed that violating a single rule provided in the privacy policy will lead to a permanent account suspension.

The Company AML Policy is an online framework formed for cryptocurrency banking and transactions, crypto crediting and investment undertakings through the management specialists. The TSL Energy strictly restricts illegal activities by customers such as funds laundering. The Security section of Company manages all finance operations to prevent financing of criminal undertakings and terrorist activities through the platform. (hereinafter - AML policy).

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